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Windsor Park of Canton

Windsor Park declared existence in 1970 and is one of the oldest subdivisions in Canton Township. There are 911 single-family dwellings bounded north of Warren, south of Arlington, east of Lilley, and west of Sheldon; complimented with two gorgeous parks. This community takes pride in our subdivision and township, striving to keep safe, enjoyable, and clean. All to give a pleasant environment to live and raise a family.

With a population over 75,000, Canton is recognized as one of the safest communities in the nation. Canton also takes pride in education. Plymouth-Canton Community Schools are ranked among the best in Michigan.  Grades K-12 offers high academic and extra curriculum. Lastly, our community is conveniently located less than a mile away from Canton’s Shopping Districts, and Downtown Plymouth; just blocks away from shopping and entertainment.
Meet The Team
  1. Jim Korona
    Jim Korona
  2. Cleyo Harris
    Cleyo Harris
  3. Dan Roe
    Dan Roe
  4. Gary Brown
    Gary Brown
  5. Gary Salata
    Gary Salata
    Vice President
  6. Kathy Sylvester
    Kathy Sylvester
  7. Terry Jobbitt
    Terry Jobbitt
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